Finding a job is no easy feat — especially if you’ve got your eyes set on working for some of the top companies in the world like Google, Facebook, or Apple.

To give you glimpse into what it might be like to interview with these tech giants, Fundera created an infographic that illustrates the 10 weirdest interview questions they’ve ever asked.

If you know how many Big Macs McDonald’s sells annually, then you might be looking at a chance to be Facebook’s next employee.

Likewise, if you know how to instruct someone to create an origami cootie catcher using just words, group deals giant LivingSocial may be just the place for you.

These questions might seem a bit silly on the surface. However, once you’ve taken a stab at answering them yourself you’ll realize what these questions are meant to really do.

Besides making you feel extremely uncomfortable and possibly sweating excessively in your chair, they’re meant to test your creativity, problem solving skills, and sometimes just to see if you pass the old “is this person cool?” test.

Check out the graphic below, and put yourself to the challenge!


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