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Get Hired Fast!

This is a complete step-by-step program with tried-and-tested strategies, psychological tactics, and easy-to-use templates to turn you into a job attracting magnet.

Scaling career ladder

Scaling career ladder

Get Hired Fast! is a specially designed career coaching program in Singapore that enable you to elevate your presence in the job market. That open up more doors for you and consequentially attracts new opportunities for you to weigh and consider.

This program is based on a decade of carefully blended career coaching tactics and strategies that were accumulated in working closely with recruiters, HRs, and candidates. It is designed to be highly customizable to your existing background and coerce you to take systematic action steps instead of random missteps.


Sound familiar

“I want to move from the public sector to the private but it is going nowhere.”

“I have sent out over 100 resumes and only 1 called up to ask me if I wish to be an insurance agent.

“I want to switch out from what I’m doing into something else but it is impossible.

“I got laid off a year ago. My role is so connected to that sunset industry that no other industry is keen to hire me”


And what do you end up with?

You continue doing what you did even if it is killing you inside. Your self-esteem gets affected and it doesn’t help when you see others making the transition without even trying. You start to blame everything around you – the market, the recruiters, the economy, bad luck.


Your existing approach isn’t working


The new knowledge era has put the old way of career search into extinction. Remember the old way? For many it is still the current way (or maybe the only way) – sending out tons of resume, calling up a few recruiters and applying through job boards. Or does the following sound familiar to you?

  • Sending out 100s of resumes to any jobs that you can find on career portals, career websites, newspaper, etc.
  • Making sure our resume is available in all relevant channels and jobs bank.
  • You could remember when are all the upcoming career fairs
  • And you probably can easily recite 50 recruitment agencies without reference.
  • Your friends, relatives, family members, former colleagues, ex-bosses, suppliers, contractors and even your customers have been informed about your career search.
  • You have clocked (and still clocking) more than 40 hours of free coaching from career counselors, trainers, experts and government agencies


How about the tips and advice I found online?

There are 81,400,000 results if you google for “career advice”. They are in no short supply and you could probably spend your entire working life simply reading through them. But as in all areas of life, the more common something is, generally speaking, the lower the value.

Many times you are reading about wish fulfillment than reality. And these are tips that everyone with the internet could know. Not likely to give you an edge over the competition. So what are the true hidden gems of career advice, the truths that few people are willing to say out loud that can actually transform a mediocre career into a rock star one?


That is why the Get Hired Fast! Program was created

In my decade of dealing with thousands of job seekers, I came to one conclusion – they are all very capable people. However, many of them are struggling to find a dream career or even any job. It’s not because they are not good. The approach that is applied was probably taught (and only relevant to) 10 to 20 years ago.

The way people are recruited has changed enormously over the years. A decade ago there was no LinkedIN, no employer branding, applicant tracking system was just gaining traction and online job portals were only being introduced.

If recruitment processes are constantly modernized, shouldn’t the career search process be likewise?


What do you gain from it

Imagine getting calls from recruiters every other day with another potential great offer. Or being interviewed by the media for your opinions in your subject matter. How about getting invited to deliver keynote speeches and panel discussion at high-level events?

Never ever worry about your next career as calls for new opportunities come to your doorstep almost every other day.

All these are very much possible by going through the Get Hired Fast! program and apply the step-by-step action plans religiously.


Read what others have to say


I first got to know Adrian Tan through some of his articles that he contributed on Singapore Business Review (an online Singapore business magazine). It was an impression then, I did not know him directly. Thereafter, I met him at two of his career workshops that he’s given his expertise on. Because the 2 workshops were held at different locations targeted at different age group and backgrounds, I can see the deliberate efforts that he’s made when presenting himself – in his image and pace of speech etc. From his 2 workshops that I’ve participated, my opinion is that Adrian is an effective trainer driven to deliver results to his participants given his realistic, practical approach. He does not paint rainbow pictures just to make people feel good yet is tactful in his interaction with the workshop participants. Overall, his workshops have been informative and filled with tips one can take action on immediately. I especially appreciate the fact that his slides may be found online easily. I think that is rather generous and open of him. – Bonnie Ler

It was a great opportunity to have attended a talk by Adrian this afternoon which I felt was beneficial for the years ahead for me as a fresh graduate. Throughout the talk, he was able to provide the group with many insights in the pre,actual and post interview processes and was patient in answering any queries from the floor. He indeed enabled me to grasp the knowledge and skills to present myself well at an interview. – Rowena Ng

I attended Adrian’s talk “Successful Interviews and Salary Negotiation” at e2i yesterday. The insights and information he shared during the talk were practical. I like his tips on how to make use social media to improve one’s job search strategies. His tips will be useful to all job seekers. – Wing Yee Ho

My decade of corporate experience also led me to be interviewed and featured across various mainstream and online media

Media Feature

How do I begin?

You just need to select one of the packages below and I will get in touch to work out the date and time for us to kickstart the sessions.

Each package includes 1 or many of my (60-minute) one-on-one coaching sessions and email support between sessions as needed. You will also receive a copy of “Everything You Wish To Ask a Headhunter” and supporting materials including assessments, worksheets as well as hints and tips.


Module 1: Career Discovery

Find out your skills inventory

Identify your career values

Discover your strengths

Uncover your interests

Establish a support network

Module 3: Selling Yourself

Sales metrics and why it is important

Sales KPI

Elevator sales pitch

How to get on recruiters’ radar

How to get around HR

Understand the appropriate channels to reach out with.

Module 4: Closing the deal

What should I prepare before an interview?

Typical interview questions and best answers

Intelligent questions to ask(and not to ask) at the end of an interview

Follow up best practice

Salary negotiation

Lessons to learn from misses


Module 2: Marketing Yourself

Know the right channels to use and leverage on

How to get the marketing message out effectively

Know your competitor

The perfect resume

One-Page proposal


Who shouldn’t apply for this program?

  • If you are looking for an effortless quick-fix program that will magically turn you into a career search superstar.
  • If you are not open to new, radical career search ideas (that works!).
  • If you do not intend to follow through with the action points religiously.


Who should instead?

  • You want to improve your life so that it can be more satisfying and meaningful.
  • You want to secure a better career that you will not drag your feet to every day.
  • You are serious about taking an alternative approach that is outside of your routine.


My approach

It will be very different from the myriad of career coaches in the market. I am probably the only one with corporate battle experience dealing with HRs and Hiring Managers on recruitment matters on a daily basis. That allowed me to interface with thousands of candidates over the past 10 years.

I highly respect the individual’s decision on their career move as I believe it is your life and no one else should hold the pen. What I would do is provide you with real-world real-time information, analysis, and predictions that you could better assess with.

I do not mince my words when it comes to delivering what I believe is the right thing to do and this is also the quickest way so we do not waste a single second during the sessions.


Always know what you’ll pay.




One of the following modules:
Career Discovery
Marketing Yourself
Selling Yourself
Closing The Deal




Two of the following modules:
Career Discovery
Marketing Yourself
Selling Yourself
Closing The Deal




All of the following modules:
Career Discovery
Marketing Yourself
Selling Yourself
Closing The Deal

Prefer a custom coaching session?







Payments can be made via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card (Please select “Paypal” as payment method, after being transferred to Paypal’s website, on the “Choose a way to pay” section, select the“Don’t have a Paypal Account” option to use a credit/debit card.)

Refund policy


CareerLadder will also provide a 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee so there’s no risk.

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