Over the course of CareerLadder, I had the great opportunity to speak with numerous job seekers. Some got to know about CareerLadder from a google search, others might come across the company due to a mention in an article.

And each of them come to me with different reasons. One was because of structured unemployment, another was due to mid-career transition.

Broadly, many are lost and do not know how to proceed on with life professionally.

I’m heartened of their trust in me to share their deepest concerns because before the meet up or the phone call, I was just another online profile.

And I’m sure my tactics and strategies would be immensely useful in moving their feet to take the first baby step.

Unfortunately, such situations are far and few in between.


The 90%

Majority of the calls and inquires I received actually lead to nothing.

I’m not saying this from a financial transaction perspective (although it is a must to create sustainability for the business).

It is more about how most seemed to give up after the call with me. It could be my voice (I hope not), but I believe it is due to other reasons.

So after hundreds of coaching inquiry calls, it dawned onto me that there are some people who are just not cut out for career coaching.

Here are some of them:


1. You Know Better

This occur mostly for people who were structurally displaced after spending a long period in a single company. And usually it is in a company that sadly is in a sunset or noncompetitive industry. E.g. semi-conductor, consumer electronics manufacturing.

I met one of such when I was a panel speak in an event. This guy came forward to the microphone and within seconds, was berating the lack of assistance from the government, union, the career support center, his neighbors, etc, to help him back into an employment.

Sympathetic of this situation, I volunteered to career coach him for free. In return, he can be my walking testimonials.

Boy, was that a painful experience.

Despite two years of unemployment, he was hesitant about the methods and tactics I like him to apply. Even things like making structural changes to the content in his CV was met with resistance.

This always remind me of what Albert Einstein said about his definition of insanity, which is achieved by doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

That was exactly what this guy was doing.

So if you think you know better, put that into practice and show results. If not, it is just theory which anyone can write about.


2. The Outsourcer

As the name implies, this group of people expect everything to be served to them on a silver platter.

Each cover letter and copies of CV should be done up nicely for them, and probably they would need me to be their voiceover when they attend a job interview.

Perhaps to an extend to do their work as well. I hope that also means I can to keep their salary.

There are a number of things in life that you probably wouldn’t want to outsource – your spouse, your choice of underwear and your careers.

So it blows me away that there are people who are that nonchalant about their job search. Job searching is a full-time job of selling and marketing yourself.

If you don’t take ownership in representing yourself, no one else can.


3. Both Sides Of The Fence

Honestly I’m not sure if this is the right category. Here is how the story goes.

The individual would start off, as with all others, going through the situation that they are in and moving into the pain points they are facing in their career and how they require career coaching to solve that pain point.

With little opportunity for me to give my inputs, the angle in the conversation changed suddenly on how they think they shouldn’t engage a career coach.

So within a span of minutes, they literally move from one debating team to the other.

That effectively place me in the moderator role watching the tennis match played by one player.

I’m unsure if that it happened because the other personality kicked in midway through the call or something else happened. Obviously nothing changed for this person since she went back to where she start from before the phone call.




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