Are you fed up of waiting for the right job to come long? If traditional job hunting techniques aren’t working for you, don’t despair!

There are plenty of proactive ways to uncover job opportunities and convince potential employers that you’re their ideal candidate.

Read on to discover how to increase your chances of landing the job you really want.


1.Use recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies find suitable candidates on behalf of employers. They often have access to jobs that you won’t see advertised anywhere else, so it’s definitely worth signing up to several as part of your action plan.

A quick Google search will reveal some specialist agencies that deal with the sectors you’re interested in. There are also plenty of general agencies offering jobs across a wide range of industries.

It can be tricky to keep track of your applications if you join a large number of agencies, so we recommend joining no more than three or four to begin with. Before you apply, always make sure your CV is targeted at the type of job you want.

Once you’ve joined an agency, focus on developing a positive relationship with your consultant, as they’ll be directly in touch with hiring managers. Make sure they keep you in mind for vacancies by staying in touch and always reply if they contact you. It’s also worth asking for feedback after you’ve applied for a job.


2. Hunt down hidden jobs

Because small and medium sized enterprises need to save time and money, they sometimes rely on word-of-mouth to advertise vacancies. If you invest some time in learning about SMEs you’d like to work for, you can often track these jobs down and identify a niche that you could fill.

Once you’ve identified a potential role, write to a member of staff who has the authority to hire. This could be the head of a department or even the MD of a small company. You should be able to find their names on LinkedIn or on their company website.

When you write your letter, try to demonstrate how you could fulfil the company’s need in the first few sentences. Highlight your key skills and strengths and link them directly to the company’s requirements. It’s always a good idea to enclose a CV as well. Alternatively, a confident phone call always leaves a positive impression, as it shows initiative and enthusiasm.


3. Network

Being proactive involves building up a network of contacts whose knowledge and connections could to help you with your job search. This includes friends, members of family and even former employers. The key is to identify people with some kind of link to the career you’ve chosen. If they’re not working in the field themselves, they might know someone who is.

Social media sites are enormously important when it comes to networking. Following companies you aspire to work for can give you a valuable insight into their company culture and enable you to keep in touch with developments. You can also join industry specific groups.

When you’re using Facebook, always bear in mind that many employers use it to check out the credentials and lifestyle of possible candidates. Make sure that your profile and your posts leave a positive impression and consider adjusting your privacy settings if you don’t want potential interviewers to have full access to your social life! Alternatively, create a new account that is purely for professional use.

While Facebook can be a useful starting point, when it comes to online networking, LinkedIn is the place to be. As well as posting your CV on the site, you can build valuable connections, search for jobs, follow companies you admire and join relevant groups.

To make the most of LinkedIn, make sure that you complete your profile. Upload a professional but friendly profile picture and add a headline that captures your unique set of skills.

Employers looking for new recruits are more likely to find you if you sprinkle your summary with words that you’ve spotted in relevant job adverts. Write with personality and passion, including plenty of details about your experience and achievements.

If you’d like some extra help with identifying and landing your ideal job, contact Career Ladder today!


Anna Whitehouse writes for Inspiring Interns, which help career starters and interns succeed in the workplace. To browse their graduate jobs, including mobile jobs, visit their website.

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