LinkedIN hit 50 million users in Asia in 2014.

In Singapore it has crossed the 1 million mark, inching closer to 2 million every hour.

Which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that the bulk of their revenue is coming from their recruiting solutions.

In 2014, that product line made US$518million in revenue from markets outside of the United States. In case you are curious, US made US$810million.

And Q1 2015 is standing at US$156million (international revenue), a whopping 40.54% increase from the same period in 2014.

This alludes to the prevalence of their recruiting solutions that is targeted at corporates and recruitment agencies.

Simply it means LinkedIN is the place to be if you wish to be found by employers and employment intermediaries.

I already have a LinkedIN account but no one contacted me

So it is no brainer to register yourself onto LinkedIN and wait for magic to happen.

Thing is magic didn’t happen.

Because the platform is getting so crowded now, simply doing the bare minimum is akin to expecting getting displayed on page 1 of google search results just because you have a domain.

You need to optimize the content of your profile in order to bring your profile ranking high. This is important because recruiters will review search results just like you and me when we are googling.

If what they want can’t be found on the first two pages, they would usually search again with another search string. And in doing so miss out your profile that is sitting somewhere on page 10.

Importantly your outreach grew significantly and it is at the expense of others who might be way ahead of you in experience but they don’t stand a chance because you are on page 1 now.

And your profiles are getting read even when you are sleeping.

I don’t know about you but that sounds awesome to me.

Ok, so how do I get on page 1?

Let’s look at this search results below. I did a keyword search on career coach singapore and I am ranked number 2 on page 1.

This is massive considering there are 403 results in total.

I was actually on number 1 but I had to write the content in a way that doesn’t appeal to me so the slot is yours Andrew Er.

Linked Results on Career Coach Singapore

Now if you try to search for the same thing, you might not be seeing the same results as me.

You need to know how LinkedIN display results. They would show level 1 (your direct connections), level 2 (your connections’ connections) and level 3 (your connections’ connections’ connections).

For users of their recruiting solutions, they can see everyone in the ecosystem because it comes with it.

But for people like you and me (I’m on free too), the way to get a results closest to paid users is to have many connections.

As of 18 May 2015, I have 5,600 level 1 connections. So when I do a search, my search results will also reveal the connections of the 5,600 (level 2) and also the connections’ connections of the 5,600 (level 3).

It might not be as comprehensive as a full fledged recruiting solutions but it should be a good enough replication.

So you can see this other results from another user login that my ranking (3) and peers are different.

Career Coach Singapore Results

Still, it is on page one and that is sufficient visibility.

I only have 10 connections

I grew my connections organically from day one. I think it took me at least 4 years to reach this number. So you probably need about half a decade to reach my level.

Good news is there is a way to hack it. That is to be connected to someone with lots of connections so you can tap into his/her level 2.

For readers of my blog, that person would be me. Just go to my LinkedIN profile page and send me a connection invite.

I’m using another person’s connection box as an example:

LinkedIN Connect

Choose Others and enter under email address.

Let me know you know about me from this posting under Personal Note.

Once I have accepted your request, do the same search again. You should have access to thousands of results now.

Added you. What’s next?

You need to make sure your LinkedIN profile is 100% complete.

This is because the completeness of a profile will impact your search ranking too. So if there are two identical profiles with similar content, the one with a 100% profile will rank higher than the 80% profile.

LinkedIN makes it really easy for you to know that with their Levels system.

There are 5 levels to attain 100% Profile completion or ‘All-Star’.

(5) All Star
(4) Expert
(3) Advanced
(2) Intermediate
(1) Beginner

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.19.51 AM

‘All-Star’ would mean you have a fully completed Profile and here are the things you need to make sure are entered:


  • Your Industry and Location
  • An up-to-date Current Position (with a description)
  • Two Past Positions
  • Your Education
  • Your Skills (minimum of 3)
  • A Profile Photo
  • At least 50 Connections

While you are at it, claim your vanity url.

What about keywords?

The next part is to define the search string that you like to be associated with.

e.g. if you wish to be hired as an accountant in Singapore marine industry and you have sap experience, you would need these 4 keywords to appear in your profile.

Linkedin Search Results for accountant singapore marine sap

By the way this is a really easy search string to score. I know that because even the top result does not have a profile picture. This is an item that LinkedIN weigh heavily on to determine the position of your standing.

So coming back, if you are a recruiter you will surely check out the profile of Kevin and Yap Hong since they rank high on your search string.

But this is only possible because they two of them (intentionally or not) entered those keywords into their profiles.

Just like the mysterious Google algorithm and recipe of Coca Cola, the algorithm used by LinkedIN is not public information.

Remember my 2nd place position for career coach singapore?

It didn’t come about with the first attempt. I spent quite some time to go through a few rounds of trial and errors before hitting there.

LinkedIN Header

LinkedIN Summary

LinkedIN Experience

And these are the key places to put in those keywords:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Job Title
  • Name of Employer (You can select the original one and customize your display name to your liking)

You can see the highlighted portions which reveals the same 3 keywords I wish to be ranked on.

In total I have 13 occurrence for career, 3 for coach and 18 for singapore.

In the other search in which I was ranked number 3, the guy ahead of me had 9 occurrence for career and 12 for coach.

I could outrank him if I play up the word coach more often.

Optimize your LinkedIN

This is also commonly known as keywords stuffing but it still works. For now. It used to work on Google too.

But I also make sure I don’t overdo it hence I did not pursue number one spot because the flow of content just did not make sense to me.

As much as you wish to drive click-through, you do not want to have a high bounce rate either (i.e. they click into your profile and move away quickly)

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