This is a guest post from the folks over at T.M.Lewin. A big shout out to them for providing this awesome graphic.

It’s no secret that first impressions are memorable.

Presenting the best version of yourself in an unfamiliar setting is a likable trait.

According to psychology studies, it takes only a millisecond for a complete stranger to form an impression of another stranger from their visual appearance alone.

When you begin to factor in a person’s choice of clothing, vocabulary, nonverbal cues, and other visual/personal factors the impact of a first impression is powerful. 90% of people form their opinion about you within a mere minute of your introduction.

In a job interview, this means your potential employer could have made their decision of whether or not to hire you before you’ve even disclose your resume and experiences.

Even the best candidates who have done their research about the job role and company background forget to also check out the office dress code.

Office cultures and environments are changing from what they traditionally were.

We see a rise in a much more relaxed work environment, including creative, tech, and digital companies.

The progressive nature of our modern workforce has presented a grey area for what is deemed to be appropriate in different environments.

Of course, depending on the field of work and your position, dress codes are subjective and can vary across cultures and geographic location.

Nonetheless, on interview day dressing your best and positioning yourself for success is necessary and impactful.

If only we would waste less time worrying about what to wear and more on preparing ourselves for the position, we would all find more success.

The London based retailer – T.M.Lewin has crafted a savvy guide to help us decipher our professional style.

Historically, T.M.Lewin has been credited with the introduction of the button-down-shirt; known in 1998 as a coat-shirt.

Today, T.M.Lewin continues to dress our modern workforce being best known for their vast selection of men’s shirts and women’s shirts.

Confidence is an important key to your success in an interview.

Preparation and a positive appearance are impactful tools to achieve your goals.

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